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Birds n Ways Search Tips

Using the basic Birds n Ways search is simple and easy!!!

To find an item, just enter one or more search terms into the search box, separating each word with a space. Then Click on the GO button.

That's all it takes to do a simple search.

Understanding the search.

However, if you need more precise information, you can tailor the search to meet your needs. By adjusting the search terms and combining them with the ALL , ANY, '+' or '-' options, you can refine your search in endless ways. Details and examples are given below.

  1. Search on the singular. The search looks for the occurrence of a term, not full words. The term diet will find diet, diets and dietary, while diets will only match diets and any words containing the letters diets. A search on tiel will match tiel, tiels, cockatiel and cockatiels while tiels will match on tiels and cockatiels.

    This search technique has pros and cons (sometimes finding words you don't want). But most of the time it gives you better results and is certainly easier to use. You can use the '-' feature to exclude unwanted words when they occur. (see below).

  2. Not sure how to spell a word? Or looking for a word which may have different spellings? Try using as few letters as possible in your search term. Here is a quick and easy way to search for lories, loris, lori, lorikeet or lorikeets. Using the term lori would find all of these spellings. But be careful not to use a short search term that would match thousands of words.

  3. Searches are case insensitive - capitalization is ignored. Feel free to use any combination of lower and upper case letters.

  4. Terms of 1 or 2 letters are thrown out. At least 3 letters must be entered for a term to be used. Some frequently used words which would result in thousands of matches, such as and, but, for, all and any are also discarded.

  5. Searching with the ALL matching option returns only items which contain every one of the search terms. ALL searches usually return fewer items, but they are likely to be more relevant to what you are looking for. If you don't select a matching option, the search defaults to matching on ALL terms entered.

  6. You can request the search to match on ANY of the terms you enter. If you choose this matching option, then if at least ONE of the terms are found, the item will be selected by the search. The results will be returned to you with the best matches shown first. Items which match on 3 search terms will be listed before those matching on 2 terms etc.

  7. The character + (plus) is a special feature which allows you to refine your search query. Using the '+' before a term tells the search that this term must be matched. In other words, this term is required (must be found) for an item to be selected.

    The search will first try to match ALL terms which start with a '+'. If they are found, the search then will look for at least one of the unsigned search terms. If one of these is found, then the item is selected. Using the '+' sign converts your search into a combination of ALL and ANY matching.

    The '+' should be placed in front of a term, with no space in between. Be sure to insert a space after the previous term and before the '+'. That tells the search that the plus is the beginning of a new term and not part of the previous one.

    Example 1: The search terms food diet +nutrition will select only items which contain the term nutrition AND which also contain either the term food OR the term diet. The '+' term must be found, but only ONE of the unsigned terms must be found.

    Example 2: Using the terms +macaw +scarlet Texas Louisiana in our Birds 4 Sale search will find ALL scarlet macaw breeders who are located in either Texas OR Louisiana.

    Example 3: The search terms +food +diet +nutrition will select only items which contain all 3 terms food diet nutrition. Since there are no unsigned terms, this is the same as searching for food diet nutrition with the ALL matching option.

  8. The '-' (minus) character before a term tells the search to exclude (skip) any item that contains that term. Place it in front of a term in the same way you place the '+' character.

    Example: The search terms +cockatoo - umbrella -moluccan +ships will select only items which contain the terms cockatoo and ships but do not contain the terms umbrella or moluccan. This would be a good way to find cockatoo breeders who breed the other cockatoo species and who will also ship birds.

  9. Results. Matches are returned to you with the best matches first. A search for the terms nutrition diet food with the ANY matching option would be shown as follows. Matches on 3 terms nutrition and diet and food first, then those items matching 2 terms nutrition and diet OR nutrition and food OR diet and food, and lastly matches on 1 term only nutrition OR diet OR food.

Common Keywords for Birds

What spelling of bird species and mutations will work?

With all the different ways of spelling bird species and mutations, it is sometimes difficult to find what you are looking for. Here are some of the more common spellings we used in setting up our birds 4 sale searches.

African Grey congo, timneh, camaroon.
Amazon double yellow headed, Mexican redheaded, yellow fronted, yellow naped, blue fronted, yellow crown, panama yellow, red lored, lilac crowned, orangewing, spectacled, cuban.
Caique blackheaded, whitebellied.
Canary American singer, rose, ivory, lizard, oldworld, gloster, Norwich, waterslager, Stafford, German roller, red, blue, white, yellow, factors, crested, smoothhead
Cockatiel grey, cinnamon, normal, pied, whiteface, fallow, lutino, albino, silver, yellowface, pearl, pastelface.
Cockatoo umbrella, moluccan, citron, goffin, slender billed, rosebreasted, eleanora, majormitchell, bare eyed, ducorps, redvented, palm, blue eyed, greater sulphur crested, lessor sulphur crested, triton, medium sulphur crested, gang gang, fitzroyi, timor.
Conures cherryheaded, maroonbellied, halfmoon,dusky, sun, nanday, jenday, bluecrowned, greencheeked, bluethroated, peachfront, patagonian, crimsonbellied, rosefront, hoffmans, white, blue eared, mitred, blackcapped, goldcapped, redmasked, brownthroated.
Eclectus vosmaeri, solomon island, redsided, biaki.
Finch saffron, cordonblue, tricolored, nun, silverbill, pintail, junco, Puerto Rico, java, rice, spice, zebra, black cheeked, blackface, black breasted, orangeface, orangefronted, orangebreasted, fire, German, gouldian, grass, mannikin, owl, society, sisken, shafttail, star, cutthroat.
Lori red, violet, nape, chattering, blackwing, dusky, bluestreak, rainbow, orange, duyvensbode, black, yellowstreak.
Lovebird fischer, peachfaced, blackcheeked, blackmasked, bluemasked, normal, green, violet, orangefaced, american, cinnamon, indigo, pied, dark, factor, dutch, blue, slate, yellow.
Macaw blue&gold, scarlet, greenwing, hahns, military, hyacinth, severe, yellowcollared, illigers, redfronted, caninde, noble, buffon, mini.
Parakeet hawkheaded, plumheaded, slatyheaded, moustache, derbyan, barraband, rockpebbler, princessofwales, greycheeked, grass, amboina, king, musk, redrump, bourke, turquoisine, brotogeris, lineolated.
Parrotlet spectacled, greenrump, bluewing, pacific, blue, mutations, Mexican.
Pionus bronzewinged, dusky, Maximillian, blueheaded, whitecapped.
Poicephalus jardine, meyer, senegal, cape, ruppells, redbellied, orangebellied, brownheaded, niam, Vasa.
Quaker blue, green.
Ringneck Alexandrine, Indian, African, lutino, blue, albino, cinnamon, green, silver, grey.
Rosella crimson, goldenmantle, eastern, barnards, conclurry, bauers, mealy.

Power Searches

This section is currently under development.


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